Jumpstart Your Financial Future: Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Credit

Tuesday, January 117:00—8:00 PMZoom

Jumpstart Your Financial Future with this series of financial workshops designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of your personal finances, give you insight and information into tricky topics, and bring you to a better, healthier financial future.

Workshop #1: Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Credit

Credit cards offer convenience and can be a huge help to building a credit profile, but they can also be a source of misuse. This workshop provides insights on how to manage credit cards, their hidden costs, and tips to avoid credit card traps. Learn about credit reports and credit scores and what steps you can take to improve your financial standing.

If you'd like to attend all the workshops in this series, we offer a Certificate of Completion at the end of the series.


For more information contact Kerry: kodonnell@minlib.net

About the Babson Financial Literacy Project:

The Babson Financial Literacy Project (BFLP) is a not-for-profit program designed to help young adults acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for long-term financial prosperity and independence. The program uses interactive case studies developed by Babson finance professors to teach critical financial skills in a community setting. While exploring real-world financial situations, participants build lifelong strategies for budgeting, building credit, saving for retirement, and more. Our program educates young adults through workshops delivered at colleges, high schools, non-profits, and companies.

This series is made possible with funding by the Friends of the Somerville Public Library. Thanks, Friends!

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