Character and World Building--Archaeology without Digging Writing Workshop

Saturday, December 1111:00 AM—12:30 PMZoom

This innovative writing workshop, led by multi-award-winning novelist and leading writing instructor Michael Marano ( ), will explore the relationship between character development and the creation of a setting, be it for a novel, short story, screenplay or stage play.

Participants will be shown clips from films ranging from Pixar's Wall-E to the hard-boiled Paul Newman detective movie Harper and given a selection of readings that will help them develop a writer's toolkit for creating an interplay of character development and world-building. There will also be in-class brainstorming and collaborative exercises. The kernel of the skills we'll be building upon comes from what archaeologists have done for generations: recreating portraits of how people live through physical objects and their surroundings. As writers, we'll be doing archeology without digging, using words instead of shovels.

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